Important Construction Information

When driving south on the Anthony Henday and exiting off 87th avenue (heading east), please note that the 189th street left turn is not allowed, as well as the 182nd street (next street down) due to construction. Please turn right on 189th street and do a U-turn and come across 87th avenue lights into the parking lot by Circle K.

When heading west on Stony Plain road, use 170th street or 178th street to 95th avenue or 87th avenue heading west. Please note that 178th street has construction as does 87th avenue.

95th avenue has no construction and The Gilded Pear can be accessed by 95th avenue to 189th street.

If coming across the Anthony Henday on 87th avenue (from the Lewis Estates area), please note that it will be very backed up at peak times.

Thank you for your attention!


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